Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Fauquier Authors

Lately, the county has had several new books by residents.

Connie Sprague, formerly of the Fauquier Citizen, has written a contemporary romance, titled Tall Order.

Paul Borick, a local teacher, has published Water Warp : Daze of Reckoning, a teen fantasy novel

As part of fundraising for the M. M. Pierce school PTA, Kirstin Turner has published
several books, including We love the earth, the place of our birth : a kindergarten reader illustrations by Mrs. O'Connell's and Mrs. Thorn's Kindergarten class and The colt in the hay found his neigh with illustrations by Linda Sylcox's second grade class at M.M. Pierce Elementary School.

Joel Garreau's Radical evolution : the promise and peril of enhancing our minds, our bodies-- and what it means to be human argues that the acceleration of technological innovation is setting the course for the next stage of human evolution. The author raises questions about human culture, society, and the very nature of humankind.