Friday, December 08, 2006

Virginia Officers who fought in the Revolutionary War tell their stories...

As part of his love of Virginia history, regional author and teacher Michael Cecere became involved in Revolutionary War re-enactments. Through original research for his "characters" who were real soldiers, he has written 5 books that tell their stories.

They Behaved like soldiers: Captain John Chilton and the Third Virginia Regiment 1775-1778
This includes a transcript of Chilton's diary and letters. Captain Chilton's regiment included notable Virginians such as James Monroe and William Washington. It provides invaluable
insights of the 3rd Virginia Regiment's routine and hardships, as they served in Trenton, and Brandywine during the war.

An Officer of very extraordinary merit: Charles Porterfield and the American War for Independence 1775-1780
The title comes from a quote of George Washington about Porterfield's service.
In this examination of numerous first person accounts, spanning from Boston and Quebec, through NJ, and down to South Carolina, the reader learns of the distinguished soldier's bravery as he endured blizzards, marches through Maine's wilderness, and action in many battles. John Marshall, future Supreme Court Justice, served as a lieutenant in the rifle unit commanded by Col. Daniel Morgan of Winchester, wherein Porterfield served as well.

Captain Thomas Posey and the 7th Virginia Regiment
Posey was with the battalion that played a prominent role in driving Lord Dunmore and the loyalist forces off Gwynn's Island and out of Virginia. His experience with his rifle company provides accounts of the Virginia forces at Saratoga, Whitemarsh , Valley Forge and Stony Point.

They are indeed a very useful corps, American riflemen in the Revolutionary War
The riflemen were formed in 1775 during the beginning of the Revolutionary War. This book includes eyewitness accounts of Benedict Arnold's attack on Quebec, and many battles in New York and NJ, including Trenton, Princeton, Harlem Heights and Throg's Neck. Southern Battles include King's Mountain and Cowpens.

In this time of extreme danger: Northern Virginia in the American Revolution
The role Northern Virginia played during the war, including political and social aspects as well as military maneuvers are highlighted in this book.

These books are available at the three branches of the library system.