Monday, June 02, 2008

Remedies for Car Trips

Q. Car trips - Help!

How can I make a long trip this summer go faster, and keep everyone in a good mood?

A. Try some of these CDs-

Fractured Fairy Tales from the classic Rocky and Bullwinkle Show?
Ugly princes, fibbing fairy godmothers, and knights who prefer clown suits to suits of armor--these clearly aren't your ordinary fairy tales with inimitable narration from Jay Ward.

Car Talk Classics
Four all-time favorite episodes from the irrepressible Click and Clack Tapper Brothers-don't drive like my brother

Follow up with Tom and Ray x 2
Car talk: the greatest stories ever told: once upon a car fire includes these automotive tales (and miscellaneous topics: Plywoood aerodynamics , Priiiiiii-vate Maaaaaag-leeee-o-zee!, Catch this, you little twerp!, A nice juicy pizza, Power to the people, My own son, How many engineers does it take to screw in a light bulb? , I trust you, Joanne, Don't drive like my brother (x2), It could be nothing, or it could be a brrrain tumorrr, Subway fugitive, The great Montreal hotel fire.

John Cleese at the Beeb Includes extracts from The Frost report, At last the 1948 show, Fawlty Towers, Families and how to survive them, I'm sorry I'll read that again, and Monty Python, including commentaries and introductions by John Cleese.

Prairie Home Companion 10th anniversary Join Garrison Keillor and guests for news from Lake Wobegon, and other classics from 1984! on 2 discs.

Some other Keillor classics include:
Never better: stories from Lake Wobegon
Prairie Home Companion commercial radio: words from our so-called sponsors
Pretty Good Bits includes Guy Noir, private eye
A life in comedy recorded live at the Yale Repertory Theatre.